Municipal Court

Jurisdiction of the Municipal Court
The Municipal Court has original and exclusive jurisdiction over violations of City Ordinances and, within the city limits, has concurrent jurisdiction with justice of the peace courts over Class C misdemeanor criminal cases where the punishment, upon convictions, is by fine only (maximum fine $500). By authorization of the governing body of the city, ordinances relating to the following are subject to fine only (maximum fine $2,000):
  • Fire safety
  • Public health
  • Sanitation
  • Zoning
This court does not have jurisdiction in most civil cases but does have limited civil jurisdiction in cases that involve owners of dangerous dogs.

The Roanoke Municipal Court is responsible for processing Class C misdemeanor charges issued on persons within the city limits of Roanoke. The court also:
  • Collects fines and fees
  • Maintains all records of the court
  • Prepares warrants
  • Sets trial dockets
Contacting the Court
Please allow 2 to 3 business days for the court to file and process your citation before contacting the Roanoke Municipal Court.

Court Appearance
The law requires that you appear in court on your case. Your initial appearance date is on the front of your citation. By signing the citation, you promised to appear in court or take some action by the date indicated.

You may have options to handle your citation through the mail or online. Please contact the Roanoke Municipal Court to verify your options after reviewing the court information. If you are a juvenile, please see the juveniles section.

Phone Calls
A phone call does not constitute an appearance. For security reasons the Municipal Court can not accept payment, schedule a pre-trial date, or process requests for defensive driving or deferred disposition by phone.

The Mission of the Roanoke Municipal Court is to serve all citizens in a courteous, efficient, and professional manner. The court is dedicated to delivering fair and impartial justice administered with respect and equality.