Fire Department

Do not call the fire station to report an emergency; always call 911.

Fire Department Overview
The Roanoke Fire Department is a full service combination paid and volunteer agency. A few very dedicated volunteers continue to supplement the full-time staff. We share a strong belief in our department that the best way to fight a fire is to prevent it from ever happening. Through commitment to excellence, the Roanoke Fire Department emphasizes a strong fire prevention program that better ensures the safety of the public.
Roanoke Fire Department emblem with city logo

Staffing & Services

Our shift personnel work the traditional firefighter’s shift of 24 hours on-duty and 48 hours off-duty. Each shift is staffed with 1 captain, 1 driver/engineer, and 3 firefighters. Our department also provides emergency ambulance service to the areas we serve.

Other Services

Besides providing fire and EMS protection to the citizens of Roanoke, the Roanoke Fire Department also provides these services to portions of neighboring communities. Fire, EMS, and fire inspection services are provided under contract to the southern portion of the Town of Northlake. Fire and EMS is also provided under contract to portions of southern Denton County and Northern Tarrant County.

Fire Inspections & Fire Marshals

As part of our fire prevention efforts, certified fire inspectors conduct annual fire inspections of all businesses in Roanoke and the southern portion of the Town of Northlake. We believe one of the best ways to prevent fires, or to at least minimize the damage from a fire, is to build fire protection into the building when first constructed. To this end, our fire marshal performs a thorough review of all building plans prior to construction to ensure the elements of the fire code are met.


Tours of the fire station can be scheduled by calling our offices at 817-491-2301.

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