Ambulance Service

The Roanoke Fire Department provides paramedic level ambulance service to all the areas we serve. We offer only emergency ambulance service; therefore, we cannot transport patients to a doctor's office, clinic, or nursing home.

Areas of Transport
By ordinance, we are authorized to transport patients to hospitals located in Denton County and to many of the hospitals in Tarrant County. We are unable to transport patients to south Fort Worth hospitals or Arlington hospitals. We do not transport to hospitals located in Dallas County.

The fee for service is set by the Roanoke City Council. We accept Medicare. Roanoke uses a 3rd party billing and collection service. Questions about ambulance bills should be addressed to:

The City of Roanoke
PO Box 226954
Dallas, TX 75222

Phone: 877-602-2060

Ambulance bills may also be paid on-line at