Citation Options

You have until your appearance date on your citation to make an initial appearance in person, by mail, or by attorney representation. Please allow 2 business days before appearing in person or contacting the court.

Failure to appear on or before your appearance date may result in a warrant being issued for your arrest and additional charges.

How to Take Care of a Citation

Option 1: Pay the Fine 

Option 2: Request Deferred Disposition

Option 3: Request Driving Safety Course

Option 4: Request a Court Date

Option 5: Compliance Dismissals  

Juveniles (10-16 years of age) must request a court date with a Parent or Legal Guardian.

Minors of Alcohol/Tobacco Offenses (17 years or younger) must request a court date.

Avoid Points on Your Driver Record:

The State of Texas enacted The Driver Responsibility program (DRP) in 2003. Moving violations reported as a conviction may incur points on your driving record. A surcharge is assessed when the driver has six or more points on his/her driving record.

For more detailed information:

To review a list of moving violations that may incur points assessed to your driving record please visit: