Law Enforcement Teaching Students

Law Enforcement Teaching Students (L.E.T.S.) was developed by the Dallas Police Department and area schools as a joint project. The Roanoke Police Department and the Northwest Independent School District have adopted the L.E.T.S. Program for our children. L.E.T.S. teaches "life skills". 

Our School Resource Officer reviews four core skills with fifth graders at Roanoke and Cox Elementary:

  • Conflict management is crucial in today’s society. Communication skills are the focus. Students are taught to work toward win-win solutions to conflict. 
  • Decision making is something we all do daily. It is important that we have the skills necessary to make correct decisions. Students are taught a simple process to use when making decisions, especially when friends are exerting pressure. 
  • Peer pressure reversal is essential. Peer pressure is second only to the media as the greatest influence on children. Students are taught simple skills to resist negative peer pressure and ways to encourage positive peer pressure. Another important component of the L.E.T.S. curriculum is Character Education, which discusses 6 core values: Caring, Citizenship, Fairness, Respect, Responsibility and Trustworthiness. 
  • Self confidence is often taken for granted. Students are taught how to obtain it, nurture it, and use positive self confidence as a tool against situations that are harmful or unhealthy.