Neighborhood Watch Programs

Five reasons to start a Neighborhood Watch Program:

  1. Protecting the people you love.
  2. Protecting your valuables.
  3. Meeting your neighbors.
  4. Meeting your police department.
  5. A safer neighborhood can strengthen property values. 

Interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch Program?

If you are interested in having a crime watch started in your neighborhood, please contact Officer Tanner Mahan at 817-491-6052 or e-mail. Here are a few things you will need in order to get this process started:

  • Recruit and organize as many neighbors as possible. Walk the neighborhood and speak to people about community concerns and starting a crime watch program. If they are interested, please obtain an e-mail address and contact number for the person(s).
  • Try to collect a minimum of 15 names of people who would be interested. If your number is less it still might work out, depending on the size of your neighborhood.
  • Contact the Roanoke Police Department and schedule a meeting. Plan on having an initial meeting at the police department. Coordinate this with Sergeant Pettigrew. Make sure you notify all of the contacts on your list of the meeting.
  • Once the meeting is planned, Sergeant Pettigrew will present a PowerPoint presentation on how a crime watch works in Roanoke, keeping your watch program active, and ways to energize the program to recruit new members.

The Roanoke Police Department wants your program to succeed and will help get you started!