Stormwater Management Plan

Program Overview

The City of Roanoke, Denton County, Texas, is part of the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. The city, incorporated in 1933, currently has a land area of approximately 6 square miles. The population of Roanoke was estimated at 8,000 in 2012. 

Trinity River Watershed

The city is located in the Trinity River Watershed, and has approximately 8 stream miles within the city limits. The stream miles within Roanoke are comprised of Cade Branch and Denton Creek. Cade Branch flows in a northeasterly direction before discharging into Denton Creek, which flows in an easterly direction. Denton Creek collects all drainage from the city and is impounded 13 miles downstream from Roanoke to form Grapevine Lake. 

Program Development

The hydrology and water quality concerns of the City of Roanoke have been considered in developing the Storm Water Management Program (SWMP). The plan herein describes the development and implementation of the SWMP. In preparing this plan, the City of Roanoke has considered different activities, municipal and public, that have storm water impacts. Some of the municipal departments that have been identified as having storm water impacts include: 

  • Building Inspections
  • Fire
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Police
  • Public Works

This SWMP includes the 5 minimum control measures (MCMs) required by the Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System program and the Environmental Protection Agency Phase II Final Rule. Each of the 5 required MCMs includes a summary that outlines the Texas Commission Environmental Quality requirements for that component of the plan. The summary is followed by specific Best Management Practices that include measurable goals and target dates, and the implementing responsibility within the City of Roanoke. 

Stormwater Management Program Resources