Smith's Armadillo Races

Take part in Smith's Armadillo Races at Celebrate Roanoke!

Get ready for the excitement when armadillos will be lined up on the race track ready for their race. 'Jockeys' will be randomly selected from the crowd for each race. Jockeys will glove-up and when the Chief Handler says "Go", the race is on!  Everyone who selected the winning armadillo wins a prize!

Viewers can purchase a ticket to guess on the winning armadillo! Tickets are $5. Armadillo races will take place in the open field next to Chop Shop (309 S. Oak Street). Armadillo Races will start at 2 PM with races taking place every 15 minutes until 6 PM. Prizes are fun, squishy, armadillo toys!

Still not sure? 
Click here to see what Armadillo Racing is all about!